ChatGPT is the latest viral AI technology to help make our lives easier. I've been using ChatGPT for several weeks, and while it's not perfect, I'm still impressed by its features and speed.

Not surprisingly, Microsoft unveiled a new version of its search engine Bing with integrated GPT-4, an AI model that powers OpenAI's ChatGPT. After reading "Microsoft Unveiled a ChatGPT-Powered Version of Bing, I decided to check out the New Bing and went one step further to "Access the new Bing faster."

The process requires you to use Microsoft's recommended settings and causes you to give up your own.

If you agree to sacrifice your current settings, click "Apply" to change your settings.

In a few seconds, you're all set to go.

Is it worth it?

Time will tell. The integration of AI is an exciting advancement in our everyday tools. Watch this video to see what the new "Edge" offers and how it works.

ChatGPT is not perfect. As with everything "software," there are risks, and no one will be liable for the "correctness" of the data it provides.

ChatGPT Monetized

On another note, ChatGPT is monetizing! $20.00 a month supposedly provides an "enhanced" ChatGPT experience. Improved "availability" and a "Turbo Mode" optimized for speed (alpha is available to plus users)