WorkSpace Matters!

WorkSpace Matters!

I enjoy programming, and my workspace, as pictured above, makes all the difference in the world. Everything I need is at my fingertips.


My workspace consists of a U-shaped desk and table arrangement. Since most of my time is spent sitting, I invested in a top-end high-back ergonomic chair. Having a comfortable chair that supports your whole body is often overlooked.


Three monitors are connected to my Razer laptop running on Windows, a Samsung laptop on the top right, an iPad mini, iPad Pro, and MacBook Pro.

Peripherals include an MX Master 3 mouse, Logitech CRAFT keyboard, Brother colour inkjet printer, EcoTank colour printer, and an HP inkjet high-speed professional grade printer.

A high-speed internet connection completes the hardware package. The printers are all connected through WiFi, and I can access my system or connect to others remotely using AnyDesk.


I use several IDE's depending on the programming language I'm working with:

Java - IntelliJ Ultimate (JetBrains) Python - PyCharm Professional (JetBrains) Tcl/Tk - Komodo (ActiveState), tkcon enhanced C# - Visual Studio GO - GoLang (JetBrains) Fortran - Visual Studio (Lahey), Plato (SilverFrost) SQL/T-SQL - Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio WEB - WebStorm (JetBrains) and others included in the "All Suite" subscription package.

Version Control - GIT/GitHub, SourceTree

Visual Code is one of several "go to" cross-platform editors but remains the most used of all.


I have a vast library of deadwood books and an even larger library of ebooks thanks to my PacktPub subscription that provides access to numerous books and videos for one low annual subscription price.

Ebooks are weightless, easily accessed over the internet, and you can pick up exactly where you left off - even if you're using a different device.

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