Tcl/Tk Tools

Tcl/Tk Tools

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You may not believe this, but ...

I purchased a copy of Tcl/Tk Tools by Mark Harrison and other contributors (with a foreword by John Ousterhout), O'Reilly & Associates, Inc. (August 1997 - First Edition). ISBN: 1-56592-218-2, 653 Pages.


As the book title suggests, Tcl/Tk Tools documents the most popular (at the time) and robust extensions written by the extension authors themselves.

Understanding how to use the extensions also provides additional insights into using Tcl/Tk as well. Topics of interest include the display of 3D graphics with rich textures (TSIPP), Network over sockets and remote procedure calls (Tcl-DP), and Embed Tk calls in C programs (ET), to name a few.

Years ago, I was reminded to always "Remember your roots." Tcl/Tk may be dated in many respects, but delving into the history of a programming language offers a glimpse into the many tools we enjoy today.

Tcl/Tk Tools - Software

I'll be spending a few weeks combing over the information in this book, and I finally get to blow the dust off of my CD-ROM drive to load the sources and binaries for Tcl/Tk core and the extensions documented in the book.

Business Reply Mail

O'Reilly would like to hear from you! I wonder how the mailroom at O'Reilly & Associates would react if I mailed them the "Business Reply Mail" card from the back of the book.

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