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Tcl/Tk Trusted Resources

Becoming an expert and fluent in any programming language is a learning journey that never ends. New versions and tools that take advantage of the new features continue to evolve, even for Tcl/Tk.

The following are trusted resources that continue to serve me on my learning journey.


The TCL Programming Language - A Comprehensive Guide by Ashok P. Nadkarni, 640 pages, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, ISBN 978-15-486796-44.

Effective Tcl/Tk - Writing Better Programs with Tcl and Tk by Mark Harrison and Michael McLennan, 405 pages, Addison-Wesley Professional Computing Series, ISBN 0-201-63474-0

Practical Programming in Tcl and Tk - Fourth Edition by Brent B. Welch, Ken Jones, with Jeffrey Hobbs, 882 pages, Pearson Education Inc. publishing as Prentice Hall PTR, ISBN 978-0-13-038560-4.

Tcl and the Tk Toolkit, Second Edition (2009), by Ousterhout, Jones and others, covers Tcl/Tk 8.5, including C interfaces for extending Tcl, 816 pages, Addison-Wesley Professional, ISBN 978-0-321-33633-0. Book Details Reference.

Tcl/Tk A Developer's Guide - Third Edition by Clif Flynt, 816 pages, Morgan Kaufmann (publisher), ISBN 978-0123847171.

Tcl 8.5 Network Programming, by Wojciech Kocjan, Piotr Beltowski, 588 pages, Pack Publishing, ISBN 978-1-849510967.

IDE's (Interactive Development Environment)

ActiveState Komodo IDE

Eclipse. After you install the Eclipse IDE, click on the Help menu and click Eclipse Marketplace. Enter TCL in the search box and install TCL (DLTK) 5.11.0 as of this writing.

Development Tools


ActiveState Tcl Distributions

ActiveState Package Manager (State Tool)

TkPro 2.3


Tcl Developer Xchange

Tcl Developer Site

Tcler's Wiki

Magicsplat - Ashok P. Nadkarni

Eagle.To: The developer of Eagle is the expert on intermingling Tcl and the .NET CLR. Reference - StackOverflow. Eagle is an implementation of Tcl for .Net. Garuda is a Tcl extension that supports calling .Net components from Tcl. Both are available from

Articles and Tutorials

Magicsplat - Blog, articles, tutorials and more.

TutorialsPoint - Tcl/Tk

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