TCL/Tk 8.6.13 - Update

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The holiday season is rapidly approaching and I've been busy wrapping up what has proven to be a very challenging year - in a good way! As for Tcl/Tk, the updates continue.

Magicsplat Tcl/Tk for Windows (8.6.13) is now available for download from Sourceforge. This update includes tclfpdf 1.5.1 and the following packages have been updated:

  • cffi 1.2.0

  • itcl 4.2.3

  • mentry 3.16

  • nsf 2.4

  • rbc 0.1.2

  • scrollutil 1.17

  • sqlite3 3.40.0

  • tablelist 6.20

  • TDBC 1.1.5

  • tdom 0.9.3

  • thread 2.8.8

  • tkdnd 2.9.2

  • twapi 4.7.2

  • wcb 3.8

Tcl/Tk doesn't receive the same level of excitement as some of the more prominent programming languages and the releases arrive with little fanfare.

I use ActiveState's Komodo IDE for writing the majority of my Tcl/Tk applications and was surprised to learn that it will become an open source project going forward. Updates have been waning for quite some time, and it is perhaps the next best move on their part.

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