Learning Tcl/Tk By the Book

The best books for learning Tcl/Tk

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Structured learning is best done "by the book." We can learn at our own pace and a good, thoroughly studied book will become your best reference for years to come. Online tutorials can supplement your learning journey, but few provide sufficient detail to present all of the functions and features a given language has to offer.

Tcl/Tk is an easy yet powerful language to learn although the syntax may require some time to appreciate. As a mature language, Tcl/Tk is stable. For this reason, some of the "older" generation books are still relevant today.

Programming with Tcl/Tk is quick, making it the perfect choice for rapid prototyping a wide variety of applications. Writing performant code is possible when Tcl/Tk is coupled with core functions written in languages including C and Fortran!

My Tcl/Tk library is comprised of the paperback versions of the books listed below. Full disclosure, I may earn a referral fee through the links provided. For ease of access, weight, and environmental reasons, I prefer eBooks over paperback copies. However, some of the older books do not render properly in the Kindle app and make for a less than acceptable experience.

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