Kinesis TKO Triple-Split Spacebar - Keyboard

No more wasted space

Kinesis Gaming TKO Mechanical keyboard

Of all the ways to compress keys onto a keyboard, I wondered why we need such a large spacebar. Unless people are accustomed to using both thumbs, only half or less of the spacebar is required.

After searching the web for "split spacebar keyboards," I was pleasantly surprised to discover that keyboards with split spacebars exist, which led me to buy the Kinesis Gaming TKO Mechanical Keyboard with a programmable triple-split spacebar.

This is a 60% ultra-compact keyboard featuring PBT keycaps and your choice of either Kailh Linear Red, Kailh Clicky White, or Kailh Tactile Brown key switches. The keyboard has a unique ergonomic tilt feature that enables 0, 5, or 10-degree left-to-right or right-to-left tilting, also known as tenting, and front-to-back or back-to-front tilting.

There is more to the Kinesis keyboard than meets the eye, and I was pleased with the many features they managed to pack into this keyboard. It is made with premium materials, including double-shot PBT keycaps and an anodized aluminum top.

This keyboard was designed with gamers in mind. The hardshell case that accompanies the keyboard also contains a detachable USB-C/USB-A cable, eight extra Kailh switches, a full-size spacebar, and a key switch puller.

The programmable lighting effects are an excellent complement to round out this keyboard's features.

If I have but one complaint about this keyboard, it is the same feature that inspired me to buy it in the first place: the split spacebar. I use my right thumb to strike the spacebar. The center "segment" is too short, and the "segment" to the right is too long. Reversing these two switches would be ideal for my typing style.

MDYYD Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

You may also want to consider the MDYYD Mechanical Gaming Keyboard as a lower-budget alternative. While it doesn't offer PBT keycaps or a hardshell case, it does feature a similar compact layout with ABS keycaps, Gateron Optical switches (Blue, Red, or Brown), and a split spacebar. You will also receive a Keycap Puller and a USB Cable.

You will notice the difference in the size of the spacebar segments!

It is perhaps ironic that the spacebar of most keyboards is the key requiring more space than necessary.

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