Fortran on my Surface Laptop 4 For Business - Part 1

Visual Studio 2022 and Intel Fortran

My Engineering Technology curriculum included a course in Fortran. I learned many other languages since that time, but Fortran has always been a favourite.

I recently purchased a Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 for Business to develop applications for Windows. Fortran would remain as one of my go-to languages along with C, C++, C#, and Assembly and all require Visual Studio.

I decided to install the latest version of Intel's Fortran compiler which requires Visual Studio (17.2.2, 2022) to run it. Visual Studio 2022 requires a significant amount of disk space, so having it available to use it with C, C++, and C# makes the effort worthwhile.

Intel Fortran 2022-05-26 003947.png

The Intel Fortran Compiler integrates seamlessly with Visual Studio 2022.

Visual Studio 2022 and Fortran 2022-05-26 004750.png

Visual Studio and Intel Fortran 2022-05-26 005440.png

Installing Visual Studio 2022 and the Intel Fortran Compiler may require a significant amount of time to download depending on your internet connection. We'll present a simple "Hello, World!" Fortran program in our next post:

program hello
    ! This is a comment line; it is ignored by the compiler
    print *, 'Hello, World!'
end program hello